Maggie and Jake Kimbrell | Douglas Manor | Columbiana, Alabama

The Love Story:
I met Jake when I was a freshman at Auburn and he was a junior. My roommate at the time was going over to meet a guy and have a game night-she invited me to come with her and I did NOT want to go. To my surprise I met the roommate of the guy she was meeting and Jake and I hit it off from the start and have been together ever since. :)

The Day:
We love a good speech from Dad. A dad’s approval is so important when getting married. Maggie’s dad had a lot to say about Jake and his emotions show you how much he admires Jake and is so happy Maggie found him to be her life partner. Listen to the sweet things he said at the reception in the video above!

The Details:
Videographers: Mattie Cleveland and John Boyd
Photographer: David Boyd
Caterer: Savoie’s CAtering
Band: Just A Few Cats
Dress: Bridal Bliss
Tux: Men’s Warehouse

Oh my goodness we love it so much! It is so perfect and I loved how you captured the vows and all the special moments :) We are so happy we chose White Oak Productions!

Katelyn and Eric Bowlin | Danclay Farms | Florence, Alabama

The Love Story:
Eric and I first crossed paths as teens back in August 2011 at the Founder's Day celebration in Killen Park, Alabama. We shared a mutual friend, so we met up with them at the playground in the park. My friend and I were swinging when Eric showed up. Like any true romance begins, our first attempt at flirting with each other involved him standing in front of my swing, me trying to kick him in the face, and him stealing the shoes right off of my feet. I chased and wrestled him to get my shoes back. A true Cinderella story, am I right?

Later that night, on the way home, I asked "Do you think that Eric guy is cute? I think he's pretty cute", and she laughed to the point that she almost couldn't breathe. I was very confused. She then proceeded to point to the backseat that was almost completely taken over by a giant beach-ball. I moved the beach-ball to the other side of the backseat and found that Eric had been hiding under it the entire car ride. Till this day, I don't think I've ever felt so embarrassed!

Eric and I hung out for a few months after that night, but eventually lost touch through the remainder of our teenage years.

In February 2016 our paths crossed for the second time.

At this time I lived in Tuscaloosa and attended The University of Alabama. Eric lived and worked in our hometown of Florence, AL. Our mutual friend, Brooks Canup, will proudly admit that he is responsible for leading us back to each other. Brooks, who also lived in Tuscaloosa, always invited me over when Eric came to town to visit.

Eric and I took our dogs, Lola & Hagen, to the dog park for our first date (I always knew I would marry a dog person).

We officially began our relationship in May 2016, and continued to spend time together after Eric moved to Tuscaloosa in July 2016.

The Day:
It was a typical summer day in Alabama - beaming sun and scattered storms. We had beautiful sunshine all day up until ten minutes before the outside ceremony. As the wedding party gathered to walk down the aisle, a summer shower hovered right over the ceremony. A down pouring rain came out of no where and lasted for only five minutes. How lucky!? And speaking of luck, a gorgeous rainbow sat right behind the ceremony as the wedding began. It was a beautiful memory for this beautiful wedding day!

The Details:
Videographers: Mattie Cleveland and John Boyd
Photographer: CREATE
Caterer: Jill’s Sweet Memories
Hair: Laren Lincholm
DJ: Mark Rohling
Cakes: Amy’s Cakes

It’s perfect! We love it so much and we’re so happy you two were with us on our special day!

Lacey and Cody Martin | Danclay Farms | Florence, AL

The Love Story:
We met through mutual friends in March 2017. When we first started talking it was like we had known each other for YEARS. We definitely didn’t know what to think about it.... everything was perfect! After several dates and weekends spent together we knew that we were meant to be. On August 4th 2017 , Cody asked me to go out fishing with him. We reached a certain spot in Wilson Lake and he asked me to come look at something on the graph, when I turned around he was down on one knee. I couldn’t believe it. And then when I turned around, our family and friends were in the boat house right behind us. Cody really out did himself with this surprise.

The Day:
Lacey and Cody are the sweetest couple! There were so much laughter and happiness that surrounded this day. If you are a sucker for first looks and grooms crying, you don’t want to miss their first look! The love these two share is so deep and genuine. It is so apparent that these two were made for each other!

The Details:
Videographers: Mattie Cleveland and Sarah Whitfield
Wedding Planner: Chelsea Kennedy Events
Photographer: CREATE
H&MU - Monica Aday
Wedding Cakes: Amy’s Cakes
DJ: Fine Era Productions
Dress: Something Blue


Hannah and Jake McGee | Springville, AL | Weddings at Cabin Bluff

The Love Story:
Jake and Hannah met during their freshman year of college. For Hannah, it was love at first sight. But, she says for Jake, it wasn’t so much. They had their first date in 2012 on Valentine’s Day and started dating a few weeks later. Although they dated through college upon graduation their paths led them in different directions and they decided to end their relationship. They thought life was leading them towards another path. Seven months went by and they rekindled the love they shared. Two years later, their relationship is stronger than ever and taking the next step in getting married.

The Details:
Videographers: Mattie and Michael Cleveland
Venue: Weddings at Cabin Bluff
Photographer: Milly Baine
Caterer: Dreamland BBQ
H&MU: Gypset Beauty Company
Florist: Leigh Anne White
Wedding Cakes: Blair Gaither (Bride), Publix (Groom)
Dress; Dia'n’s Formal Affair
Bridesmaids Dress: Show Me Your Mumu
Tux: Mr. Burch Formal Wear

The Day:
This was our first wedding at Cabin Bluff and these views are something serious!! The ceremony took place at the edge of the bluff overlooking the mountains. Alabama was once again showing off how incredibly beautiful our state is. There were so many touching moments shared during this special day. The sweet notes Jake wrote to each mom, the penny Hannah’s dad gave her before the ceremony, and remembering their loved ones during the ceremony. It was truly a magnificent day for these two.

OH MY GOD!!! IM LITERALLY SO HAPPY WITH THIS!!!! It’s amazing! Thank y’all so much for making this beautiful addition to the best day of my life. I’ll watch it over and over again! Love you guys!!

Emma and Preston Robertson | Tuscaloosa, AL

The Love Story:
Emma and Preston met when they were in the 9th grade but didn't start their relationship until after graduating. Six years later, here they are, getting ready to tie the knot and commit their life to each other! 

The Day:
Southern House and Garden created a beautiful setting for Emma and Preston's big day.  They were surrounded by their closest friends and family and even their precious yellow lab, Rhett. Their ceremony was filled with beautiful speeches and scripture preparing them for the commitment they were about to make. It was truly a great day to celebrate these two and their new adventure!

The Details:
Bride: Emma Robertson
Groom: Preston Robertson
Videographer: John Boyd and Sarah Whitfield
Venue: Southern House and Garden
Photographer: Piper Vine Photography
HMU: CL Salon and Spa
Dress: Diane's Formal Affair
Band: Big Daddy Music


Emily and Reid Harvey | Huntsville, AL

The Love Story:
It was not until their junior year at the University of Alabama when Reid and Emily met. They had briefly met before at a student ministry called Campus Crusades for Christ that they both weekly attended. Little did they realize that they would soon be set up on a blind date! In early 2013, second semester of their junior year, Caroline Meyers (maid of honor) set Reid and Emily up on "Grab A Date" date party. A "grab a date" party was just that- you grabbed a date as quickly as you could given a short notice that the party would be that night. Caroline reached out to Reid and he said yes to going with Emily! They had so much fun together that evening that one date party lead to another date party. Whether they were eating donuts at Krispy Kreme or going to "Fat Boy Farm" (a Harvey family tradition and also where Reid proposed),they were soon spending lots of quality time together. It did not take Reid and Emily long to realize that they enjoyed each others company and by summer they started dating.

The Details:
Bride: Emily Rogers Harvey
Groom: Reid Harvey
Videographer: Mattie Cleveland and Michael Cleveland
Ceremony: Willowbrook Baptist Church
Reception: Valley Hill Country Club
Photographer: Sarah Swain Photography
HMU: O'Darling Hair and Makeup
Planner: Ron Suermann
Cakes: The Sweetest Things
Florist: Petals by Ali
Dress: Madison Town and Country
Band: The Band Juice

The Day:
Emily and Reid could not hide their joy the whole day! Anytime you would see them, they would have the biggest smile on their face! These two share such a fun, genuine love for each other. They had the perfect wedding day and the rain held off just long enough for the ceremony to begin! After tying the knot, these two danced the night away with their closest friends and family! We have no doubt these two will have a life full of laughter and wonderful memories shared together! What an honor to capture this beautiful day! 


Caitlin and Kyle Lucas | Tuscaloosa, AL

The Love Story:
Kyle and I have known of each other since 2010, but did not formally introduce ourselves and have our first conversation until the Spring of 2014. We met in Troy, Alabama while Kyle was in town visiting friends and I was finishing my last semester of college. A few weeks later, he made the four hour drive to take me on our first date and the rest is history. Many dates, four new cities for me and three years later, he created the most surprising and magical proposal for me in front of our friends and family!

The Details:
Bride: Caitlin Lucas
Groom: Kyle Lucas
Videographer: Mattie Cleveland and Sarah Boyd Whitfield
Ceremony: Northport Baptist Church
Reception: Alabama Museum of Natural History
Photographer: Katie and Alec Photography
HMU: Hair by Hannah, Hannah Holsomback
Planner: Keely Duke
Caterer: The Levee
Florist: I Do Flowers
Dress: Bella Couture
Bridesmaids: David's Bridal
Suits: Joseph A. Banks
Band: Powerhouse

The Day:
The girls started the day at The Nook in Tuscaloosa, AL getting ready. This place is absolutely perfect for bridal parties to relax and have fun while getting ready for the big day! After getting dressed and ready we walked over to a park right behind the salon and braved Alabama's heat for the reveal. This is always such a sweet moment between the bride and groom that I truly never get tired of watching!! The ceremony was held at Northport Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, AL in a gorgeous sanctuary that was beautifully decorated with large floral arrangements. After we got Caitlin and Kyle married we moved the celebration to Alabama Museum of Natural History on the campus of the University of Alabama. This venue is so neat and even has a Basilosaurus hanging from the ceiling! It was a wonderful day of celebrating this amazing couple! 


Baylee and Chapman Porter | Tuscumbia, AL

The Day:
The location of Baylee and Chapman's ceremony was on the land they purchased that will soon be their future home. This is the spot they will grow together, raise kids together, and start their new life as husband and wife. There is something extra special about this ceremony because of that. Chapman saw Baylee for the first time when she was walking down the aisle. His love for her is truly evident!!

The Details:
Bride: Baylee Porter
Groom: Chapman Porter
Videographer: Mattie Cleveland and Sarah Boyd Whitfield
Reception: Gas Studios
Photographer: CREATE Photography
Hair: Anna Grace Collum
Florist: Carmalita Coan
Dress: Kay's Kreations
Tux: J Crew


Hannah and Tyler Ray | Birmingham, AL

The Love Story:
We officially met through a mutual friend in 2015, and ever since then, we have practically been inseparable. Our friend knew what she was doing when she asked us to go to the library to study with her (she had to bribe me by letting me watch Netflix on her computer) and now it is quite literal that we are the guy/girl version of each other. A couple of days later, Tyler asked me to go to dinner and ride go-carts afterwards... I was sold! A couple of years went by and Tyler was now graduating from UAB, which meant we had to go on a trip to celebrate! We flew with Tyler's family to Chicago, IL to celebrate this special day with him. Little did I know, we would also be celebrating the start of our forever. While posing for a picture in front of the Buckingham Fountain, Tyler got down on one knee after his dad counted down from 3 for us to "take a picture". When you know, you know; and that's exactly how it was for us when we met, we knew we were the right person for the other from the beginning, and can't wait to see the rest of our life's journey together.

The Details:
Bride: Hannah Ray
Groom: Tyler Ray
Videographer: Sarah Boyd Whitfield and John Boyd
Venue: Gabrella Manor
Photographer: Steve Johnson
Hair & Makeup: Holly Craft
Band: Well Dunn Entertainment
Dress: Bella's Bridal & Formal
Tux: Men's Wearhouse

The Day:
Gabrella Manor is a beautiful venue located in Birmingham, AL and the perfect setting for Hannah and Tyler Ray's wedding. If you know these two, then you know they are a match made in heaven. They are so goofy and playful around each other!  Their wedding day was filled with so much love and surrounded by  the ones who love them most! We wish them the best of luck on all of their new adventures to come!


Kaitlin and Drew Hillis | Leeds, AL

The Love Story:
Drew and I actually went to high school together. However, we did not meet at high school. We met at Hooters when I was 14 years old and he was 16. He was walking out with a group of friends as me and my friends were walking in. (Hooters was the only walking distance restaurant to the movie theater ) He got my attention and I remember thinking he was cute. After they walked out his friends made him come back in and ask for my phone number. TWO WEEKS later he called me again after his friends forced him. We dated all throughout my high school years and broke up my freshman year of college. After a few years, we made it back to each other and have been inseparable ever since! Deep down I always knew he was the one for me! Now we have two perfect puppies that we are obsessed with named Jack and Jill and can't wait to start our forever together! After 12 years of knowing each other I can't wait to finally be able call this man my husband!

The Details:
Bride: Kaitlin Hillis
Groom: Drew Hillis
Videographer: Mattie and Michael Cleveland
Venue: The Sonnet House
Photographer: Piper Vine Photography
Hair & Makeup: Makeup by Mel
Band: Union Road
Dress: Bella's Bridal and Formal
Tux: Coats Clothing Company

The Day:
Kaitlin and Drew's wedding day was filled with clear blue skies and sunshine! These two were so giddy and filled with absolute JOY! Their love for each other is completely apparent from the moment you meet them. There wasn't a moment they weren't being silly and making each other laugh! 

The Response:
Y'all!!!!!! This is so perfect!!!!!!  I can't even begin to thank you enough!!! I feel like I'm in that day all over again!!! Y'all are such a blessing!!!!!!

Photo by Piper Vine Photography

Photo by Piper Vine Photography

Photo by Piper Vine Photography

Photo by Piper Vine Photography