Katelyn and Eric Bowlin | Danclay Farms | Florence, Alabama

The Love Story:
Eric and I first crossed paths as teens back in August 2011 at the Founder's Day celebration in Killen Park, Alabama. We shared a mutual friend, so we met up with them at the playground in the park. My friend and I were swinging when Eric showed up. Like any true romance begins, our first attempt at flirting with each other involved him standing in front of my swing, me trying to kick him in the face, and him stealing the shoes right off of my feet. I chased and wrestled him to get my shoes back. A true Cinderella story, am I right?

Later that night, on the way home, I asked "Do you think that Eric guy is cute? I think he's pretty cute", and she laughed to the point that she almost couldn't breathe. I was very confused. She then proceeded to point to the backseat that was almost completely taken over by a giant beach-ball. I moved the beach-ball to the other side of the backseat and found that Eric had been hiding under it the entire car ride. Till this day, I don't think I've ever felt so embarrassed!

Eric and I hung out for a few months after that night, but eventually lost touch through the remainder of our teenage years.

In February 2016 our paths crossed for the second time.

At this time I lived in Tuscaloosa and attended The University of Alabama. Eric lived and worked in our hometown of Florence, AL. Our mutual friend, Brooks Canup, will proudly admit that he is responsible for leading us back to each other. Brooks, who also lived in Tuscaloosa, always invited me over when Eric came to town to visit.

Eric and I took our dogs, Lola & Hagen, to the dog park for our first date (I always knew I would marry a dog person).

We officially began our relationship in May 2016, and continued to spend time together after Eric moved to Tuscaloosa in July 2016.

The Day:
It was a typical summer day in Alabama - beaming sun and scattered storms. We had beautiful sunshine all day up until ten minutes before the outside ceremony. As the wedding party gathered to walk down the aisle, a summer shower hovered right over the ceremony. A down pouring rain came out of no where and lasted for only five minutes. How lucky!? And speaking of luck, a gorgeous rainbow sat right behind the ceremony as the wedding began. It was a beautiful memory for this beautiful wedding day!

The Details:
Videographers: Mattie Cleveland and John Boyd
Photographer: CREATE
Caterer: Jill’s Sweet Memories
Hair: Laren Lincholm
DJ: Mark Rohling
Cakes: Amy’s Cakes

It’s perfect! We love it so much and we’re so happy you two were with us on our special day!
Mattie Cleveland