Kenzie and Andy Mims | Jemison, AL

The Love Story:
Our love story is definitely special. Andy and I actually knew each other all through high school but never dated. Andy graduated 3 years before me and we pretty much both went our separate ways. A few years passed and then we re-connected. Our first date was to a small Mexican restaurant in Calera. I think we both knew that night there was something special. Pretty much after that night we were inseperable. As time went on we found out that I was pregnant with the most precious little boy. This came as a shock but was also the best surprise in the world. In high school Andy was diagnosed with AML leukemia not only were the odds not in his favor to be living today but he was definitely not supposed to be able to have children due to the amount of treatments he had to undergo. I personally had always wanted children but I knew I loved him and if God wanted us to have children then it would happen. So to say we are blessed is truly an understatement. We got engaged in November of 2016. From then until now we have bought a house, had the sweetest little boy, and I have finished dental hygiene school. We have definitely been busy throughout the past few years and are finally getting to have our dream wedding. We know most people wouldn’t say we went about our journey in the most to traditional way but if you ask us we think our love story is perfect. Our little boy is now 9 months old and we can’t wait to make our family official as I take on Mims as my last name.


The Details:
Bride: Makenzie Mims
Groom: Andy Mims
Videographer: Mattie Boyd Cleveland and Sarah Boyd Whitfield
Venue: Starwood II Farm
Photographer: Ashtynn Wilhite
Hair & Makeup: Emilee Rose Moatts
Caterer: Southern Sweets
Florist: Pinedale Gardens Inc.
DJ: DJ Rhino
Dress: Village Bridal of Homewood
Tux: Glitz & Gowns

The Day:
It was a chilly day in April but the cool breeze and light rain didn't stop this day from being perfect! The rustic details and outdoor setting created a beautiful scene for Kenzie and Andy to tie the knot!

Photo by  Ashtynn Wilhite Photography

Photo by  Ashtynn Wilhite Photography

Mattie Cleveland