What do I wear?

Let's be real, when it comes to taking pictures - whether these pictures are senior portraits, engagement pictures, a family session, etc. - we spend way too much time thinking about what to wear! But, we understand the why behind it! And trust me, we've been there, too! These pictures will be sent to all your family and friends. These pictures will hang on the walls of your house for years to come. These pictures will be looked back on to remember life's big adventure! So, we understand why what you are going to wear can consume you! Do you coordinate? What color scheme do you want to go with? What if the colors clash? What will the scenery be like?  There are so many questions to think about! Well, we are here to offer our input to help resolve the issue of what to wear and even what not to wear!


If your photo session includes more than just you, try to compliment each other with the same style and the look you're going for. Make sure to PLAN your looks. If you are wearing a fancy dress, make sure your partner didn't bring his stylish ripped jeans and a tee for the photos. If you are wearing your favorite blue blouse, see if you're partner will wear a pattern - or vice versa.  Wearing the same shade of blue is okay, but adding more color to your photos will create a nice contrast!


To get the best photos you want to be true to who you are! Don't be afraid to show your personality and put your own twist to your photos. After all, they are pictures of YOU! Whether that is edgy, classic, preppy, chic, or whatever you claim your style to be - GO WITH IT! You will be happier with your pictures and be more comfortable while taking them! 


Have you thought about where you are taking your pictures? Knowing what your background will be may help determine what style to go for! Are you wanting an open, green field with nice trees in the background? I would probably stay away from those cute pumps and nice dress and go for a more casual feel. Are you wanting an urban, downtown feel? I would stick with the solids and dress them up with fun jewelry so you stand out from the background. But, while thinking of the scenery don't forget to dress for the weather, too! 

After you've decided what you are going to wear, the next thing to remember is to relax and wear your best smile! After all, "it's what you wear from ear to ear and not from head to toe", right? (Shout out to Annie for the great advice!) But, in all seriousness, when you look at a picture the first thing you notice are the people in it and the emotion they feel in that moment! So go be you and live out life's adventure!