What are you investing in?


We firmly believe that life’s greatest moments deserve to be captured and preserved. These are precious moments that only happen once in your life. Your wedding day is a day you have been thinking about long before you got engaged. Who would your spouse be? What would your dress look like? Who will be there? These are probably questions that have crossed your mind. But, as you look back at the memories, we want you to remember the emotion you felt that day; the giddiness as you got ready, the excitement as you walked down the aisle, the tears your family may have shed seeing their child get married, or the celebration you shared with your friends.

We tailor the White Oak experience to each of our couples. Every love story is unique and our goal is to capture your love in its truest form.

White Oak offers a variety of collections to match exactly what you’re wanting! Booking photography and videography allows you to work with one team for two needs.


Collections start at $1,500